Do you need advice on online learning solutions ? Are you starting your online learning strategy for the first time or are you considering a new learning platform ?

A study by the global research organisation Brandon Hall Group has found that companies are aligning their learning technology strategies to their business goals. However, it also found that in over half of those companies satisfaction with their current learning platforms is low - and the biggest reasons for considering a technology change is user experience, administrative experience and a lack of social/collaborative tools.

Learning represents a big investment for most companies. Are you looking for a user-friendly, social learning hub with blended learning features that has a direct impact on performance and the bottom line ?

MySkillCamp is a complete Learning Hub that enables you to create your own courses easily and allows you to buy a range of off-the-shelf online courses and live tailored training to create your own learning journeys and manage your users during their learning experience.

Kevin Tillier CEO & Digital Learning Consultant

As head of myskillcamp, Kevin has turned to Digital Learning to enable companies to train their employees all year round and ensure their optimal employability.

He accompanies and advises his clients in all their training projects: from the audit to the launch of a pilot project, from storyboarding to the design of content for digital, Kevin helps companies to start the digital transformation of their training centre.